Paintings from PSCs
Artwork reproductions courtesy of the Macau Military Club Art enthusiasts from across Macao descended on the city’s Military Club between the end of September and 2 November to catch the fifth annual ‘Meeting Bridges’ exhibition in the club’s Comenda
Going the distance
We give you this year’s lowdown on the 2020 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon while also looking at the mind, body and soul benefits of running in the city. Macao is strapping on its running shoes and favourite sports shirt. Droves of
Playing it by heart
Classical music isn’t just learned over many years. It’s in the blood and in the heart – and these six young musical maestros in Macao are taking the millennia-old art to new heights. They tell us about their passions, their influences and why they l
Staging a comeback
Life for Macao’s talented theatre companies can be challenging and survival can be tough but the directors and actors behind these troupes say it’s worth all the hard work. After many shows were cancelled during Macao’s brush with the COVID-19 pandem
Planning for the future
The government’s draft urban master plan for the development of Macao over the next 20 years was unveiled in early September. Ahead of next year’s final document, we speak with the experts and break down what plans are being proposed for the city by
Preserving the legacies
In 2017, Macao’s government named 15 items of intangible cultural heritage in the city that it vowed to protect. Over the past couple of weeks, it has added another 55 items to the list. We take a look at these new additions – and find out why we mus
A global gastronomy
In countries across the world, you may ‘head out for a Chinese’ or ‘get an Indian takeaway’ but ‘going for a Macanese’ is a rare thing indeed. However, there are a few celebrated restaurants that pay homage to Macao’s homegrown cuisine out there. You
Reclaiming Macanese cuisine
Macanese cuisine was the world’s first-ever example of fusion food. We look into the origins and evolution of this centuries-old tradition that must overcome modern challenges to stay alive. Find out who is fighting to ‘reclaim’ Macao’s iconic gastro
A tale of two doctors
Cousins Dr Tânia and Dr Sara Évora, both from Macao, have been fighting COVID-19 in Portugal for the past five months. They once felt ‘real fear’ but have now adapted to the challenge of life on the frontline. The COVID-19 pandemic has been raging on
The royal treatment
If anywhere in China is filled with treasures then it’s the Palace Museum in Beijing. This national attraction housed in the Forbidden City is filled with a raft of historical treasures, many of which have been brought to the Macao Museum of Art (MAM